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How to Remove Photos Background without Photoshop?

As a non-graphic designer, it’s difficult to remove photos background without Photoshop or any graphic specialized software. You might need to remove images background from your photos, but don’t have installed Photoshop, or even don’t know how to remove images background with Photoshop.

The next one is blogger or content writers, like me that don’t like to spend too much time to change or remove photos background. I usually using Snipping tool to capture screenshot and simply edit it with Microsoft paint or free image editor paint dot net. And these tools are not able to remove photos backgrounds. But there are some free and premium online tools I use to remove photos background without Photoshop, or any other graphic design software.

How to Remove Photos Background without Photoshop

If you have purchased and installed a graphic design software, such as Photoshop, Corel Draw photo editor, you must already know how to remove images background with Photoshop. But sometime you are not using your own computer and need to edit and remove images background. What should you do?

Instantly Remove Image Backgrounds Online

The free online images editor tools are better and accessible from anywhere. So the bellow website provides some great online photo editor tools to make users simply and instantly edit their photos online. Some of these online photo editors are exactly designed to remove images background.

 1. ClippingMagic

The clipping magic is an instantly remove Images background tool which help you quickly remove images background without Photoshop. Working with this tool is easy. Just upload your image and start editing or removing backgrounds and make it transparent with just a few clicks. Let’s test it with over some images.

1. Go to Clippingmagic and upload the image you want to remove backgrounds.

2. Start editing your images background, when you have remove photos background click download to to download the final image without background. Unfortunately it’s not free and you must pay 1 credit to download your images.

Remove Photos Background without Photoshop
Remove Photos Background without Photoshop

This is the human face which completely removed backgrounds and you can save it with png format. See the below feature images of Windows 10 repair master.

Remove Images Background without Photoshop
Remove Images Background without Photoshop

Done! Let’s test the next online photo editor which is a free online image editor.

2. Fotoflexer

Fotoflexer is free and have more options and features to remove photos background without Photoshop.  To edit your photos, simply upload your images and edit it. You can do more with this free online photo editor.

To remove images background with Fottoflexer, select Geek tab and select Smart Scissors. Simply select the backgrounds area and delete it.

Free Online Photo Editor Tools
Free Online Photo Editor Tools

The final one is using Office 2013 and Office 2016. Both has the ability to remove photos background without Photoshop. But again your must have Office installed on your computer. So leave it away and the above tools are pretty enough to edit any images.

I hope these tools can help you create best images for your blog posts or editing other photos and images.  Let us know if you work with other free photo editor tools.

  1. Ahmad says

    The tools are great! and works easy, I am a graphic designer and photo editor, it is the first time I see this apps. Thanks

  2. IsmailFarhang says

    an excellent article with a fabulous tools that really assist me to quickly and fastly admitting our backgrouds. It’s a nice tools and thanks a bundle from writer and author.

  3. Jason Hopkins says

    Awesome! I had no idea that you can find good free tools. As a graphic designer I use this: but this tools can come in handy as a quick solution. Thanks for sharing

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