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How to Download Webpage Background Image with Original Quality?

The background image of a blog is incredibly important for site owners to keep them secure and non-downloadable. But sometime you see an astonishing and eye-catching photo or image background you would like to have it. So this tips help you to download webpage background image with it’s original quality.

Most background images are copy right protected and it’s not allow to use them without permission or premium license. So take care of using them on your projects legally and purchase it. The other way of using image for free is using from free stock photos websites. There are many website on the internet that provide free high quality photos. You can find on “Best Free Photo Stock Websites” post of Tehcnig.

5 Websites for Downloading Free Graphic Files

Download Webpage Background Image Easily

The most easy tips and way to download protected background image is using FireFox web browser. The FireFox browser has the ability to view and save or download webpage background image with original qualities.

If you are using FireFox as default web browser on your system, you already know this tip. If you don’t, so try to download and install FireFox on your system and open the page you want to download it’s background image. Let’s test it on Fiverr background image.

Download webpage background image - technig
Download webpage background image – technig

Do you see the text on the image? The background image is not downloadable and protected. That’s the problem…

Just right click the image on the FireFox and click view background image. When it display the background image, you can save it with it’s original quality. You can do the save for saving video background as well.

Save background image - technig
Save background image – technig

Note: Make sure you do right click on the right part of the background image. Some part of image won’t let you view background image. It shows a disabled view background image like the below screenshot.

Disabled View Background Image Feature
Disabled View Background Image Feature

That is it, our simple tips and way to save or download webpage background image with high quality. If you know another simple way, just share with us trough comment section.

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